Upfront Pricing from The People You Can Trust:

  • We'll diagnose your system and tell you the cost of repair for your approval up front, no surprises
  • Repairs cost the same after hours as during weekdays
  • As we charge a fair price for the Diagnostic Fee, we don't have to make it up somewhere else on the bill

We offer pressure testing of ductwork. We have sensitive blowers and manometers that we use to pressurize the ductwork to measure the exact amount of leakage. We compare this to DOE standards and in many cases the leaks are stopped during the testing process for no additional charge. If we do find leaks that require duct fabrication, we will tell you the cost up front. This last part is essentially free because the savings accrue in a short period. After your recover the repair cost, the savings continue for as long as you own your home.

Energy savings is not the only benefit to duct testing. Reduced humidity levels, fewer mold spores, less dust, more comfort; a better job of what your air conditioning system is supposed to do.

The term 'Air Conditioning' means more than it did when the term was coined. It means more because we can do more. Your system can now control:
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Suspended particles
• Mold
• Odors
• Equipment Sound Level

For state-of-the-art air cleaning, we offer American Standard's Accu-Clean Air Filtration System installed. For treatment of air-borne contaminants we recommend the RGF REME HALO Cell.

Neither of these devices are seen by anyone but you know right away that they are working. Installed on a new home, the inside of your duct system will look like the day it was fabricated twenty years from now. And on every one of those days your family will live in a clean, pleasant environment.

Diagnostic Fee - $70 - 6 AM to 4 PM Weekdays - Join our customers that take advantage of our scheduled maintenance and receive diagnostics for free during business hours.

$70 Diagnostic + $45 Call-Out Fee - Extended Service Hours Weekdays - 4 PM to 8 PM - $115

$70 Diagnostic + $45 Call-Out Fee - Extended Service Hours Weekends - 6 AM to 4 PM - $115

$70 Diagnostic + $90 Call-Out Fee - Emergency Service Hours - outside of Extended Service Hours - ​$160

We pay the entire call-out fee to our technician

Call and join our mailing list for our semi-annual residential maintenance program. For $75 per system, you receive one free diagnostic visit per season if necessary and a 10% discount on all services for that season; if you purchase both winter and summer, you receive a 15% discount on all services for that season.

Duct Testing

It All Starts With A Phone Call

For Air Conditioning Repair Or Heating Repair on the Eastern Shore call 251-990-0998 or Central Baldwin call 


Duct Cleaning

Things to check before you call:

1. Check the electrical circuit breakers to the indoor and outdoor equipment
2. Check that the air filter is not blocked with debris
3. The Outdoor and Indoor have two copper pipes connecting them. Check the larger and insulated of the two for ice accumulation.
4. Check the Outdoor unit to see if it is running
5. If it is not running, check the Outdoor unit to see if it is hot to the touch.
If there is ice on the piping inside or outside, there may be a large amount of ice that will melt inside. Don't turn the system off until you know that the water won't damage your floor or ceiling.

If there is no ice visible, turn the thermostat's Heat-Off-Cool switch to Off. This will allow any internal thermal controls to reset before we arrive and avoid additional charges from the technician having to wait. An overheated compressor can take two or three hours to reset itself if left running while it is not cooling the home. Also, an inoperative fan can cause permanent damage to a compressor and/or outdoor coil if the system is left running.

In summary, except in the case of icing, turn your system Off if it is not cooling your home. Running it can cause additional expense and damage.


Heating and Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

Our Factory Trained Technicians Stand Ready To Repair Your Comfort System

47 Years of Experience
Licensed and Insured
Same Day Service

We offer in-house duct cleaning services. After decades of referring this work to other companies we made the decision to purchase equipment for cleaning ducts that are common in our area. The majority of ductwork in Baldwin County has a fairly fragile internal sound/thermal insulation liner. This liner can be damaged by contact with rotating brush cleaning equipment. Our system uses a high volume negative air pressure machine with a built-in HEPA filter to prevent release of contaminants. To dislodge the contaminants a high-volume air compressor drives various heads to blow the surface on the duct liner. After removal of debris a misting with oxine biocide is applied to the entire duct system.

We also offer cleaning of the internal cooling coils without the need to cut into the refrigerant system. We are the only company to offer this service because we built the machine ourselves. 

Indoor Air Quality