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Not only are we Dealers, we're big fans. We have sold American Standard equipment exclusively for more than 25 years. To describe it in one word - ROBUST. Everything about American Standard equipment is built for durability. If you're faced with the choice of heating and air conditioning repair and replacement, we've been an American Standard dealer since 1995. 

The design of American Standard Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Furnaces are different in very important ways from every other brand available. 

The outdoor unit uses a spine-fin heat exchanger that degrades in efficiency at a much slower rate that the plate fin type used by every other brand.

Our new ForeFront® Air Handlers are truly revolutionary. They will allow you to replace the indoor section of your system while keeping your existing outdoor unit - whether it uses the older R22 refrigerant or the newer R410a. You don't have to replace the entire system with American Standard. 

I looked up the shipping weight of one of the best known Air Conditioners and compared it to American Standard:

4 Ton Heat Pump 13 SEER

Competition - 208 lbs
American Standard - 269 lbs

4 Ton Heat Pump 16 SEER

Competition - 248 lbs
American Standard - 330 lbs.

American Standard continues the legacy of the old General Electric brand. Open an old GE unit still in operation and you'll recognize the construction. This is only the beginning of the story of this remarkably well designed machine. It can make the environment in your home noticeably better.